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31 May, 2018 Extracts, Olive

The olive tree, essential in the revolution of sunscreens.

Hydroxytyrosol, the most powerful antioxidant in the olive and practically of all the vegetable kingdom, is revealed as an indispensable product in the formulation of sunscreens. Due to its exclusive properties, it is the cosmetic ingredient with the greatest capacity to combat the sun damage on the skin.

14 September, 2017 Extracts, Olive

The olive tree, a plant with a lot of potential for Nutraceuticals.

The Nutraceutical Industry is booming. More and more studies support the efficacy of natural dietary supplements in preventing, and even treating, certain diseases. The growth of this sector require to invest in research, train experts and offer products with high functionality. In this sense, the olive is an ideal ingredient but its potential is still […]