Tag: Anti-inflammatory

10 July, 2017 Extracts, Olive

Properties and benefits of the Hydroxytyrosol from olive trees

Hydroxytyrosol is the main antioxidant of virgin olive oil and, therefore, a potent free radical scavenger. As free radicals are the precursors of many health problems, numerous scientific studies have shown that the consumption of olive polyphenols, and especially Hydroxytyrosol (HTY), promotes positive health effects.

5 June, 2017 Quinoa, Seed

Quinoa, a product beyond fads with great innovation potential.

From its beginnings, the basis of Nutexa resides in taking advantage of the plants with greater benefits for health. The vast majority of our products are close to us: olive trees, vineyards, citrus, rosemary … But, in order to honor our commitment, it is necessary to include plants from other parts of the world. Quinoa […]