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Hydroxytyrosol, areas of application. Industries and products.

Extracts of Hydroxytyrosol are an ingredient with a wide variety of use. Its properties and benefits can be exploited in different industries. And considering its different presentation formats, it becomes a product with great potential for innovation.

The three major areas in which we can use extracts of Hydroxytyrosol are cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food.

Before explaining the differences for each of them, we have to remember that Hydroxytyrosol is one of the most functional compounds of the olive tree, especially in the fruit – the olives – as this last one contains a bigger quantity in comparison with other parts of the plant.

In our article Properties and benefits of Hydroxytyrosol from the olive tree we explain why. This is a molecule with a great capacity to slow the onset and development of free radicals. It is an antioxidant agent. This function allows combat those processes that occur in the human organism caused by the oxidation of the cells.

We are talking about diseases that have in common the aging of cells due to external factors such as pollution, exposure to solar radiation, poor diet, smoking, alcoholism or intense physical exercise. Also those factors that derive from genetics but produce the same result: oxidative stress.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, atherosclerosis (the narrowing of the arteries by plaques of fat, calcium and bad cholesterol), wrinkles and spots on the skin are some of the most common manifestations.


Hydroxytyrosol in nutraceutical supplements.

Nutraceuticals are a very suitable means for extracts of Hydroxytyrosol since dietary or pharmacological supplements contain bioactive components in greater proportion than in the food which they come from. In the case of Hydroxytyrosol, it would be necessary a large intake of olives to obtain its benefits.

Treatments to prevent, and even combat, coronary heart diseases have in the extracts of Hydroxytyrosol a great ally since, as we explained in this article, numerous scientific studies support the link between both of them.

In fact, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) – the major European food control authority – recognizes its ability to combat the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol). This acknowledgment authorizes this health claim in the advertising of the product that carries this extract.

Powder extracts, standardized at 20%, are the most suitable formula. Although, depending on the product, another formulation may be more appropriate. In Nutexa we advise on the most indicated.

Hydroxytyrosol in cosmetics.

Due to its antioxidant capacity, superior to vitamin C and E, extracts from the olive fruit are an excellent ingredient for cosmetic formulations. In addition, its lipophilic and hydrophilic properties make it an easy ingredient to apply in this kind of products. We highlight two types:

Anti-aging cosmetic products: creams, serums, boosters and other formulas characterized by a high concentration of actives intended to prevent and treat signs of aging caused by free radicals: wrinkles, sagging and blemishes.

Sun screens. Hydroxytyrosol prevents the damage that UV radiation causes in melanoma cells when exposed to harmful UV radiation. This is because this molecule reduces significantly the breakdown of DNA strands caused by UVB radiation as inhibites the proliferation of reactive species caused by the incident radiation.

Liquid extracts, also standardized at 20%, are the most common formulas for cosmetics. Share with us your ideas as at Nutexa we help our clients to develop their own formulations.


Hydroxytyrosol in functional foods.

Functional foods are those that provide superior nutritional value and / or help the functioning of the organism. They may even reduce the risk of certain diseases if taken within a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Scientific studies prove that olive extracts possess prebiotic properties. That is, the ability to promote the growth of certain beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal flora. These bacterias inhibit the growth of potentially pathogens in it.

Prebiotics contribute to make changes in the gastrointestinal flora, modify the immune system, reduce the cholesterol levels, increase the absorption of minerals in the colon and prevent cancer in this human organ.

Results improve when prebiotics combined with probiotics (non-pathogenic microorganisms that exert a positive influence on health). Yogurts which include bacteria of the Bifidobacterium and / or Lactobacillus genus are suitable to be supplemented with prebiotics. Other foods open to supplementation are juices, milks, sauces and food additives.

Liquid extracts standardized at 10% and powder extracts at 20% are the ones that work best.

More applications of plant actives extracts in this guide.


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Hydroxytyrosol, areas of application. Industries and products.
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Hydroxytyrosol, areas of application. Industries and products.
Extracts of Hydroxytyrosol are an ingredient with great potential for the cosmetic, nutraceutical and food industry.
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