Rose Hip Oil

Nutexa Rose Hip Oil is a natural cosmetic product with 100% concentration of Rosa eglanteria.

It is obtained from selected fruits and under cold pressure in order to guarante high purity and quality.

It has a slight reddish color and the characteristic acrid smell of unrefined oils.

The fruit of the Rose Hip is composed by 80% of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), being the most important the linoleic acid – with a presence of more than 40% – and the linolenic acid, with more than 30%.

Other components are carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and Vitamin C, among others.


The rose hip plant has always been highly appreciated in Europe – where it comes from – and especially in Patagonia, where it grows wildly.

It is used for therapeutic treatments, specially dermatological conditions such as burns and scars. This is due to EFAs’ high capacity of regeneration and cell growth.

On the other hand, EFAs reinforce and multiply the barrier of the ceramides inside the epidermis. This effect reduces water loss and favors a good hydration level of the skin.

Finally, the antioxidant components of the plant prevent and correct photoaging.



Our Rose Hip oil is made from seeds cultivated in South America.


The shelf life of our oil is twelve months since packaging.

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    Rose Hip Oil
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    Rose Hip Oil
    Sacha Inchi oil is a natural cosmetic. It provides emollients, humectants and protective properties in cosmetic products And it's a natural product, free from flavors, stabilizers or artificial colors.
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