Rosemary extract

At Nutexa we offer to our clients extracts of rosemary with high concentration of antioxidant, antibacterial and photoprotective components due to our exclusive extraction process.

Our products possess high levels of rosmanyric and carnosic acid, both of them phenols and the two most potent components of rosemary.

All our rosemary extracts can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client.


Oxidation is the main cause of food spoilage. Consequences are: loss of freshness, unpleasant flavors and changes in texture and color.

Several studies have shown that the antioxidant power of rosemary extract is more effective than other conventional antioxidants used in the food industry.

Examples of foods in which rosemary extracts have proven effective: animal fats, vegetable oils, mayonnaise, meats, spices, beverages and animal feed.

On the other hand, rosmarinic acid has a high antibacterial activity of broad spectrum and a high efficiency as a photoprotective agent, preventing the formation of free radicals and blocking those already formed. It also protects from the oxidative damage generated by excess radiation.

Rosemary extracts, suitable for both traditional and clean labels.



Our rosemary leaves come from Spain, being one of the most characteristic plants of the Mediterranean area.


The shelf life of our rosemary extracts reaches two years.


Our products with rosemary extract are suitable for aqueous systems – especially rosemaryric acid – as well as fatty systems, where carnosic acid is more effective.


Depending on the type of extract, our products are totally or partially soluble in water, oils and alcohols.

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    Rosemary extract
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    Rosemary extract
    Oxidation is the main cause of food spoilage, producing loss of freshness, unpleasant tastes and even changes in texture or color. Rosemary extracts are an ideal solution to prolong the shelf life of food.
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