Quinoa Seed and Flour

In Nutexa we focus on natural products with great health benefits. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious and functional foods for human body.

Its great versatility provides innovation in the food industry: from fermenting the grains to obtain beer, to improving the characteristics of bread doughs.

Quinoa highlights by an elevate level of macronutrients.


Quinoa cultivation is one of the oldest in the world. Some findings date back 5000 years B.C. Originally from the Andes Mountains, it was the basis of the diet of indigenous peoples along with potato.

Quinoa is the only vegetable food that possesses all the essential amino acids (those that the body can not produce). It is especially rich with lysine, arginine and histidine, all of them basic for human development during childhood.

Quinoa has also been used as a therapeutic remedy. It helps to relax muscles and blood vessels because it has high levels of magnesium and other alkaline elements.

It has a high percentage of dietary fiber, which helps to eliminate toxins as well as improving intestinal transit.

Read more about the properties and applications of quinoa seeds and flour.



Nutexa quinoa contains less than 0.11% of saponins.


Low levels of saponins provides a sweet taste to the grain.


Quinoa seeds possess high levels of starch but it does not contain gluten as the plant does not belong to the family of grasses.


The shelf life of our quinoa seed is 12 months from packaging date.

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