Olive seed

At Nutexa we take advantage of the olive seed, where it is concentrated all the nutritional properties of this fruit.

Olive seed contains high levels of vegetable protein, fiber, monounsaturated fat and antioxidant polyphenols.

Nutexa isolates the seed to introduce it into bread doughs and cereal-based goods. This extra ingredient provides biofuncionality to the food and the characteristics sensorial attributes from olives.

Olive seed is destinated to the formulation of pasta, bread, pastries, biscuits, pizza bases, snacks and other goods, with or without gluten.


The olive tree is the predominant plant of the Mediterranean area to the point of being one of the most popular symbols of this region.

Olives and the oil extracted from them are an essential part of the Mediterranean people’s diet and have always been highly appreciated for their excellent therapeutic properties.

The consumption of olives are directly related to lower mortality rates for cardiovascular diseases, a condition seen in the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries.

This is due to its favorable profile of fatty acids and the presence of minority compounds with extraordinary antioxidant properties such as polyphenols, and specially Hydroxytyrosol.

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The amount of active components in the seed is higher than in the rest of the olive fruit.


Spain is the world’s largest olive producer. Apart from taking advantage of the resources of our area, it allows us a better knowledge of the product.


The shelf life of our olive seeds is more than two years.


Our products have the seal of ECOCERT, the highest European certification authority for natural products from sustainable agriculture.


Olive seeds can be used in bakeries without gluten.

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    Olive seed
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    Olive seed
    For centuries, the olive has kept us hidden inside his pit a secret: its heart. It is the seed that focus all the nutritional benefits of olive. We have being working to isolate and use this seed to be introduced into bread dough and to produce various kinds of bread of exceptional quality, with marked sensory attributes to olive oil.
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