Olive seed flour

In Nutexa we take advantage of the olive seed, where all the benefits of this fruit are concentrated, and we turn it into flour to increase the nutritional properties of the food and provide the characteristic sensory attributes of the olive.

Olive seed flour contains high levels of vegetable protein, fiber, monounsaturated fats and antioxidant polyphenols.

Nutexa isolates the seed and grinds it mechanically to incorporate the flour into doughs and other cereal-based goods.

This flour has also been revealed as an excellent technical ingredient to increase the elasticity of gluten-free bread.


Olive oil and olives have a strong presence in the diet of the Mediterranean peoples and have always been highly valued for their therapeutic properties.

This is due to its favorable profile of fatty acids – especially the oleic one – and the presence of minority compounds with extraordinary antioxidant properties such as Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein.

In addition, applications such as seed flour increase the nutritional properties of foods by providing high levels of fiber (up to 55%) and vegetable protein (22%).

It is a suitable ingredient for products with or without gluten. In the latter case, the flour has been revealed as a natural solution to increase the elasticity of bread without gluten, one of the main problems of bakers when formulating such doughs.

Therefore, flour is an effective substitute for synthetic solutions that increase the volume of gluten-free doughs, providing fiber, vegetable proteins and healthy fats.

More information about the properties of Olive Seed Flour.

Extra elasticity in gluten-free doughs



The amount of active components in the seed is higher than in the rest of the olive fruit.


In Nutexa we take advantage of the resources of our area, learning at the same time in order to offer new products.


Olive seeds can be used in gluten-free products, providing more elasticity in these doughs.


Our products have the seal of ECOCERT, the highest European certification authority for natural products from sustainable agriculture.


The shelf life of our olive seeds is more than two years.

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    Olive seed flour
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    Olive seed flour
    For centuries, the olive has kept us hidden inside his bone a secret: its heart. It is the seed that concentrates all the nutritional benefits of olive. We have being working to isolate and use this seed to be introduced into bread dough and to produce various kinds of bread of exceptional quality, with marked sensory attributes to olive oil.
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