Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a natural cosmetic intended to the hydration of the skin and the conditioning of the hair.

It is obtained by cold pressing of jojoba seeds.

It is a product free of artificial flavorings, stabilizers and dyes.


Jojoba Oil is obtained from the natural seeds of Simmonsdia chinensis, a shrubby plant in the semi-arid regions of Arizona and California (USA) as well as northwest Mexico. It is also cultivated in large areas of Argentina, Peru and other parts of the continent.

Half the composition of Jojoba seeds is fats. However, unlike other vegetable oils, jojoba contains a very stable fatty acid ester profile, with a chemical composition similar to the human skin ceramides.

Read more about this product in ‘Jojoba, a natural, intelligent and complete cosmetic’.



The shelf life of our Jojoba Oil is twelve months from the date of packaging.


It allows to formulate final products for the market without additives or other synthetic components.

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    Jojoba Oil
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    Jojoba Oil
    Our jojoba oil is a natural cosmetic. It has emollient properties and it is a great hair and skin conditioner. And it's a natural product, free from flavors, stabilizers or artificial colors.
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