Grape extract

In Nutexa we produce extracts of the seed and the skin of the grape, which have high percentages of bioactive components such as polyphenols and anthocyanin tannins.

Because its benefits, applications and solubility, grape extract is indicated for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries.


Antioxidant, antiviral or antimutagenic are some of the adjectives associated with polyphenols. This factor explains why fruits that contain them, like grapes, have been very appreciated throughout history.

Tannins, on the other hand, have proved to be very effective for the circulatory system because of their vasoconstrictor and astringent abilities. Therefore, grape extract prevents varicose veins.

Grape extract could also be part of obesity treatments in the future because, according to studies, it seems that they contribute to inhibit the activity of lipase, an enzyme in the human body that it helps to absorb fats.

On the other hand, as it contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it can be applied in the food industry to avoid food spoilage and increase the shelf life of the product.

Also note that the antibacterial components of grape extract are being studied for their potential use in the field of oral hygiene due to its ability to deal with certain bacteria that inhabit this part of the body.

Read our article ‘Grape extracts, an effective treatment against varicose veins’.



Spain is one of the largest wine producing areas in the world. Apart from taking advantage of the resources of our area, it allows us a better knowledge of the product.



The shelf life of our grape extract products reaches two years.

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    Grape extract
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    Grape extract
    There are plenty of scientific studies which show that phenolic compounds are potential anti-mutagenic agents. They have antibacterial and antiviral properties. They are actively involved in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
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